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Technological Solutions Sheets

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Reduce your energy consumption! Use renewable energy!
  No / small investment High investment
Heating / Cooling
Prevention of air infiltration and of unnecessary outdoor air supply
Regulation of space heating and cooling
Thermal insulation of boilers, water systems, domestic hot water tanks and water pipes
Building insulation
Installation of sun shading devices
Window insulation
High efficiency boilers
Efficient solutions for active space cooling
Efficient ventilation systems
Outside works to improve summer comfort
Geothermal energy (ground source heat pumps)
COMBI+ systems
Solar COMBI systems
Geothermal energy (ground source heat pumps)
Solar thermal energy for swimming pools
Geothermal energy for swimming pools
General electricity
Energy saving light bulbs
Electric appliances with high energy efficient rating
Lighting control
Key card systems to switch off electricity in guestrooms
Energy efficient motors in Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning applications
Efficient solutions for active space cooling
Wind energy
Micro hydropower

How to go further

Obtain in-depth recommendations: ask for an energy audit of your hotel Click here to learn more
Involve your staff: see how to train them on energy issues  Click here to learn more
Information to guests: For your energy efficiency policy to be successful, it is essential to involve your guests. Click here to learn more
The EU Eco-label for tourist accommodation has been created to identify and highlight tourism companies that respect the environment. As an official certification from the European Union, it has gained European-wide recognition and can be effectively integrated into your marketing strategy. Click here to learn more
Energy consumption monitoring is highly recommended to establish fundamental information on energy use in the hotel.  Click here to learn more.
Tell your guests about your concern for the environment: see how in our dedicated section


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