About the Energy Toolkit

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Energy performance reports


An energy performance report gives an overview of the hotel’s electricity consumption and renewable energy usage compared to similar European hotels. It also assesses the potential of energy consumption reduction. This tool has been set based on review and analysis of data available on energy use by hotels in Europe. The data was extracted from a selection of around 20 studies that provide information on energy use intensity in hotels.

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Personalised energy technology solutions


The e-toolkit tailors the current energy saving opportunities with potential energy solutions. Case studies and statistics on the competitive business advantage, sound energy investments and best practices of other hoteliers are also provided. The tool provides recommendations in EE and RE applications in the hotel according to the hotel’s characteristics, geographical location, main available natural resources, and easy-to-implement actions that could be useful for the hotel.
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Carbon footprint report


The carbon footprint report is a useful tool to provide an estimation of the volume of CO2 emitted according to the hotel’s energy consumption, facility characteristics, and location.

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Return on investment calculator


The return on investment calculator helps to evaluate the best investment choices for each energy technology solution based on specific inputs provided by the hoteliers. The tool assists the user in making informed strategic decisions regarding their EE and RET investments. The aim is to support the analysis of the cost-benefit implementation of these technologies.
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