Hotel Energy Solutions - Energy Toolkit

Supports the adoption of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies

Benchmark your energy use/efficiency

The benchmarking tool enables European Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the accommodation sector to assess their current energy use/efficiency and carbon footprint against similar enterprises.

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Choose the right investment for your hotel

The decision suport tool provides support in ranking practical and cost-effective EE and RE investment options. The solutions are presented along with best practices on the competitive business advantage of sound energy investments.

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Calculate your carbon footprint

The carbon footprint calculator measures your hotel's impact on our climate by estimating the total set of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions caused by the hotel. The calculator also gives you advice on how you can reduce these emissions.

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The solutions are in your hands for free

The toolkit is comprised of an energy benchmarking tool and a decision support sequence which provides assistance in evaluating carbon emissions and mitigation techniques through energy efficiency and renewable energy investment options. It also includes a carbon footprint calculator and and best practices of other hotels

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Top 4 reasons to use the energy calculator

  • 1. Understand how much energy you could save
  • 2. Measure your energy usage
  • 3. Compare your results with similar hotels and measure your progress
  • 4. Profit from cost-effective energy technology solutions
    Reduce costs and market your activities


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